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You must choose the Piola supplier to which you will make the order, select all the desired products and once you have all the products, click on "Order". You will go to the next confirmation screen where you can add or remove products and confirm the order or click on "⭐Save order for later".


Once saved, you will find the order within "My suppliers" select the supplier to which the order corresponds and click on "Orders"

How do I save an order to confirm it later?

Yes, all users who are registered within the restaurant will be able to view and continue a saved order.

This works, for example, if a chef in the morning writes down missing products from a supplier in the app and then in the evening another checks and confirms the order. 

Can all users see and confirm a saved order?

The saved orders are located in "Menu" > "My suppliers" , select the supplier to which the order you saved belongs and click on "Orders".   

You will find the saved order with a yellow star ⭐

To continue the order, you must click on it and click on "Continue with the order." -136bad5cf58d_You can add or remove products and their quantities  or simply confirm it as it is.

Where do I find the saved orders?

No, you will only be able to save orders from Piola suppliers, those who have a digitized catalogue.

Can all orders  be saved for later?

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