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Who is behind Piola?

If you have reached this section, it is because you want to know us a little better:

We are the Carbia brothers, pleased to introduce ourselves. Both passionate about technology, but with different jobs.
The day to day in our companies made us see that we had the same difficulties. So why not create an app that can fix them?

Piola was born as a result of looking for some needs: ease in ordering, getting more time and communication between employees; And if, in addition, we can obtain higher profits, why not?

We are two professionals who created a technology company from scratch, united by the strong conviction of improving the way companies in the HORECA channel work. We offer a digital tool that is continually being expanded and revised as we are working on it, and for all clients, day by day.

Through Piola, we help all types of restaurants to control their purchases through a completely free, intuitive and easy-to-use mobile application.
But not only that: providers are a fundamental part of our application
since we help them increase their sales, effectively control orders, manage them as clients, and above all and fundamentally, absolutely fluid communication between the team itself and the clients.

We are behind our Piola app: a professional team that is
up to date with technological changes and the digitization of business. Shall we join?

Our offices

Our team is always available

We have a multidisciplinary team distributed in different countries that allows us to provide support 7 days a week.

Our philosophy is based on having flexibility when it comes to establishing the workplace of our entire team.

Are you a supplier, manufacturer or distributor?

 Nuestra plataforma  centraliza en un único lugar tu catálogo, pedidos y clientes ayudándote a _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_improve the experience in their process.

Are you a restaurant, bar or cafeteria?

Piola allows you to centralize all your suppliers and orders in one place, eliminating paper, Excel and notebooks to achieve a significant improvement in time, money and efficiency. 

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