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In this tutorial we show you how to apply special discounts to a customer. A different discount percentage can be applied for each customer.


The answers you need!

From the platform you must enter the "clients" section in the menu on the left.

Once there you must click on "modify" the client.

Within the client configuration you can enter the discount percentage that will be applied to your entire catalog available for this client.

You can also cancel the discount by sliding the "discount" button.

The customer will see the discount applied once the order has been placed, in the total of the same (He does not see it in the catalog prices).

For example: The client has an assigned discount of 30%. If you buy 10 units of a product at 10 euros, the total of it is 100 euros. When the customer makes the purchase, he will have a total of 70 euros.

How do I apply a discount to a client from the platform?

In the application you must enter the "clients" section in the menu.

Once there you will have to click on the client to whom you want to assign a discount.

You must go down to the "Discount to apply in the catalog" section and assign the number you want to apply.


You can cancel the discount by entering the number 0.

How do I apply a discount to a customer from the app?

At the moment, only a percentage discount can be made for each customer.

At this time there are no discounts for product categories or order amounts.


We are working to add new tools to your user profile.

What kind of discounts can I apply?

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