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Manage your orders and manage customers to increase your sales

Advantage 01.

All orders in

One place

Advantage 02.

decreases  mistakes

on orders

Advantage 03.

improve communication


Advantage 04.

Sellers may

focus on new customers

Vetaja de usar una app de pedidos

Did you know that offering a catalog available 24 hours a day? and

updated increases the possibility of sale by 30%?

Your orders in one place, ordered and updated instantly.

Forget having to receive orders by Whatsapp, email or phone and all the errors that are generated in this process. Centralize all your customer orders in a single channel. Get more control and save a lot of management time. You can also edit them and report the status of the order.

You  catalog always   available

Manage your products, their prices and formats... Extend the information, detail the allergen tables or show the products on sale. Create special rates and discounts for each of your customers.

​The whole team up to date with orders

Multiple users with different functionalities. Commercial users with management of their own client portfolio and discounts. Administrator user, carrier and  operator.  You can designate roles and permissions.

Organized clients, clients  happy.

Know what products have been purchased, when was the last time and everything you need to have fluid communication with your customers. Add information about business days to place orders, closing dates, holidays... and much more!

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