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Centralize new purchases from all your bookstores

Simplification in supplier management by centralizing purchases on a single platform.

Boost your Editorial Distribution with Piola App

We offer distributors and publishers an innovative platform to optimize the distribution of their books. Centralize your orders, increase your visibility and simplify your logistics processes with our integrated solution.

What do we do for distributors and publishers?

Product Visibility

posibilidad de subir y mostrar sus novedades de libros en la plataforma, aumentando su visibilidad ante las librerías clientes

Order Optimization

Time savings by receiving structured orders ready to be loaded into the publisher's ERP.

Focus on Sales

Greater focus on sales and customer service strategies by eliminating repetitive operational tasks.


Optimization in inventory management by receiving more precise orders tailored to the needs of each client bookstore

What do we do for bookstores?

Purchasing Centralization

Simplification of the purchasing process by having access to all the new books in one place.

Inventory control

Posibilidad de controlar las cantidades de pedidos de cada sucursal desde la casa matriz de las librerías.

Process Efficiency

Automatización del proceso de centralización de pedidos, ahorrando tiempo y esfuerzo en la gestión de compras

Ease of Management

Intuitive and friendly interface that allows bookstores to easily manage their orders for new books

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