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In this tutorial we teach you how to invite customers to your platform so that they can place orders through it. This action can be carried out both from the web platform and from the App.

Invitar cliente desde el ordenador
Invitar cliente desde el ordenador
Invitar cliente desde el móvil
Invitar cliente desde el móvil


The answers you need!

From the platform you must enter the "clients" section in the menu on the left.

Once there you can add your client's email by clicking on the "add client" button.

Your client will receive an invitation by email to download the app, add all their business data and start placing orders through the Piola app.

How do I invite a client from the web platform?

On the home board there is a floating button "New customer", by clicking on this button you can enter the email of the customer you want to invite so that they can access your catalog.

How do I invite a customer from the mobile app?

If a customer's email is entered and the Piola system validates that it already exists (another supplier registered him as a customer), the customer will be able to view the catalog directly from the "my suppliers" section.

What happens if a client is already registered with Piola?

Currently it is not possible to modify the customer data that was uploaded in your customer section. This happens since the data becomes the client's and it is the client who can edit their information.

In case the client has never used the application and registers for the first time, wrongly entering the email,   you can delete it and reload it.

You can also ask us to modify it to

Can I modify the data of a client once created?

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