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In this tutorial we show you how to upload a set of products in one go from an Excel file. This action can only be performed from the web platform.


The answers you need!

It is used to load a catalog with many products at once. This saves time when uploading many products, their information and images to my Piola app catalog.

What is bulk product upload used for?

Before uploading a product, you must upload its category and subcategory and then assign them to the new products.

You can download icon images to assign to categories. It is important to use these images to maintain an aesthetic of your application and that your customers can quickly identify the categories they are looking for.

To create a subcategory, the corresponding category must first be created.

How to load a category and subcategory of products?

To do this, you must download a template (Excel file) that will be completed following the order established in it.

It is important to respect the form established in the downloaded template so that the bulk upload action can be carried out. You must remove the column "ID" and "provider"

When inserting prices, the currency symbols ($ or €) should not be entered. Only the figure corresponding to the price including a comma (100 or 100.50).

Once the template is completed by the user, it must be saved and imported back into the Piola platform.

The first part of the bulk upload is now ready. Now you must re-export the template (Excel file), and you will see that in the first column (ID), a number is assigned to each loaded product. That is the number with which you have to save each image corresponding to the products.

Once you have all the images of the products in a folder with their corresponding ID name, you must convert the folder to .ZIP (compress) and import it to the Piola platform. (You can find on our YouTube channel how to convert a folder to ZIP) 

In this way you will have finished the bulk upload and uploaded the images to the products.

Carry out the mass upload of products to my catalog step by step

To complete the Excel file of the bulk upload, you must use some of these allergens written the same as in the following example. (If the product does not have an allergen, you must leave the box blank)

Inside the platform, you have the following allergens loaded:

  • Gluten

  • Crustaceans

  • Eggs

  • Fish

  • Peanuts/Peanuts

  • Soy

  • Dairy products

  • Nuts

  • Celery

  • Mustard

  • Sesame

  • Sulfur dioxide and sulphites

  • mollusks

  • lupins

The correct way to load them in the same product is as follows: Mustard,celery,molluscs,lupins  (Use commas to separate one from the other without leaving a space)

What are the allergens that I can use in bulk cargo?

On Windows:

You must select the image you want to change the name, right click on it and go to the “change name” option.

The title of the image will be blank and will allow you to overwrite it with the ID number that corresponds to your product.

On Mac (Apple):

  1. Select the image and hit the “enter” key. The title of the image will be blank and will allow you to overwrite it with the ID number that corresponds to your product. Hit the “enter” key again to make the new name effective

  2. Select the image and right click on it, a box will be displayed and click on “get information”. Once inside, go to “name and extension”. Rename the file and you're done.

How to rename an image?

Once you have completed all the previous steps for bulk upload, you must import a .ZIP folder with all the images that correspond to your previously uploaded products to the Piola platform.

For this, you must choose all the images of your catalog products and change their name to the ID assigned in the Piola template.

When you have all the images with the correct ID name, you will need to convert your images folder to a compressed .ZIP as follows:

  1. Select the folder you want to zip and right click, then “compress”.

  2. Once the compressed folder is obtained, it should be imported to the Piola platform.

  3. If you have a compression program like WINRAR, you must select the folder, right click on it and choose the option “add to … .rar”

If you have questions about how to upload bulk upload products, contact us and we will help you upload the products.

How to create a zip folder?

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