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Once you enter for the first time, you must complete the following data: 

  • Company image or logo 

  • Company name 

  • Tax identification number

  • ​billing address

  • Telephone​​​​​​

  • Mobile (This is where you will receive the code to enter the app, it must be real)

  • Email (This is where you will receive the code  to enter the app, it must be real)

  • Opening days and hours 

  • New users (It is not mandatory to complete it. From here you can add other users so that they can also place orders)

  • Manage delivery addresses: Here you can upload different addresses where you want to receive orders.

How do I set up my account?

No. If you were invited by a supplier and you received an email to download the app, you only have to enter and complete the missing data such as the mobile and the delivery addresses where you want to receive the orders.

You can edit any data that has been previously preloaded. 

Do I always have to upload my data?

Yes, from the "My account" section you can edit all the data you need. If you want to delete your account, you can contact 

Can I change any of my data?

Yes, you can change it from the "My account" section. Once you make the change, if you close the transfer, the next time you enter the app you must do it with the new number or email that you have changed. 

Can I change my mobile number or the email with which I enter the app?

You can add other users from "My account" > New users and complete the data of that user so that the invitation email arrives (Only name, surname and email).

Once you enter the app, you will not have to complete any data since everything is loaded by the administrator.

If you want to deactivate or delete it, from the same section de "My account" > "New users" you can manage it. 

What happens if I place orders and go on vacation? 

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