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In this tutorial we teach you how to create a new order as a supplier and have it also appear to your customer in the app. This improves the flow of information and allows you to centralize everything related to orders in Piola. 

In turn,  salespeople can use the app to pick up orders when they visit a customer or if they send them through other channels .  

Forget   about passing orders to the Whatsapp group and that this generates errors!

Academia proveedor - Crear pedido movil
Academia proveedor - Crear pedido movil
Crear pedido desde desktop
Crear pedido desde desktop


The answers you need!

In order to channel all orders into a single platform  and thus be able to have all the information regarding orders in one place, avoiding errors, confusion and forgetfulness when processing orders that come from different channels.

In turn, it is very useful for sellers to be able to use this functionality when selling on the street or submitting orders to the administration in an orderly and simple way.

What is the purpose of creating an order?

Yes, to create an order from your mobile by going to "menu" > "My orders" > click on the button on the sixth > Select the customer and choose the products with their respective quantities.

You will be able to select the available products according to the catalog list assigned to that client.

Can I create an order from the app?

Currently only administrators and sellers can create orders. The operator user can see the orders and edit them but not create new ones. The carrier can only see the orders that have been assigned to them.

Which user can use this functionality?

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