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Both are part of your providers, within the "Menu" > "My providers" section

Piola suppliers are those that have digitized their entire catalog on our platform and you can see all their products, prices, discounts and offers. You can also track the status of orders from this provider and receive messages through the app. In turn, this supplier has our system integrated with its ERP, which facilitates and reduces all order management.

The external supplier, which you find as "My suppliers" , are all the suppliers that you want to load in your "External supplier" section, indicating their data and products to place the orders and that they arrive in an orderly manner by email and Whatsapp.  You will receive confirmation of receipt from these suppliers as soon as they receive the order.

Piola Provider Vs External Provider

Yes, we can take care of communicating with him so that he can explain all the benefits of being a Piola supplier.

Can I invite one of my suppliers to be a Piola supplier?

Yes, within "My providers" you must slide the provider to the left and you will have the button to delete. 

All the orders you have made to this supplier will be saved in the history of your orders and cannot be deleted.

Can I delete a Piola supplier?

Yes, in case you want to edit or delete a provider, you must go to "Menu"> "My providers" and "My providers" and slide to the left on the provider you want to edit or delete .

Can I remove one of my providers?

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