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There are two ways to send messages:

  1. You can send messages from an order in time. In this way you can talk specifically about an order and maintain a flow of information in relation to that order. To be able to send a message from an order, you must > click on the specific order and > click on the message bubble in the upper right corner. This will open the chat with your provider.

  2. You can send messages from  "Menu" > "My providers" > click again on the message button that is on the provider you want to communicate with and the chat will open.

The difference between the two chats is that the one you start from "my providers",  you keep the conversation flowing at all times, similar to a WhatsApp.

The chat of an order is usually used to talk about a specific order, when there is an inconvenience and once that order is delivered, it is no longer used. 

What ways to send messages are there?

The messages are seen by the administrator and by the commercial that is assigned to your account. Both users will be able to read and reply to messages. When you receive a message from them, it will be identified with the name of the person who responds.

Who sees the messages I send to the provider?

Yes, currently all users who are registered can send messages to the supplier from a specific order or from the chat with the supplier. In the conversation, the name of each user who has written will appear, both the provider and the restaurant. 

Can all users of my restaurant send messages to the supplier?

Currently you can only send orders to Piola suppliers, that is, those who have   digitized their catalog within the app.

Can I send messages to all my providers or only to Piola providers?

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