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In this tutorial we teach you how to send the same message to all your customers (for example: We will be closed for holidays from August 1 to 15).


The answers you need!

They are messages that can be sent to several selected clients or to all clients to notify relevant information.

For example: you can choose a group of customers to send a notification about the liquidation of certain products.

They can also be messages at a communicative level, for example: dear customers, we inform you that from May 20 to 25 our factory will be closed.

Your clients will receive the message as a notification.

View of the notification as a client:

What are mass notifications?

From the platform, in the "Messages/notifications" section, you can create mass notifications (pushapp)

You have to click on “create mass notification” and do the following:

  1. Write the "Title of the message" which is the one you see on the mobile's locked screen. (Try to make it a short and concrete title. You can include some emojis)

  2. Write the text of the message you want to communicate to your customers. In this box you can expand a little more.

  3. Select if you send to all your clients equally or if you want to choose certain clients.

The customer filter can be used to communicate to a group of customers a new offer or product, etc.

How to create a mass notification from the platform?

At the moment, mass notifications can only be created from the Piola platform. We are working to add new features to the app.

Can I create a mass notification from the app?

To include emojis, you simply have to right click on the text field and a menu will be displayed where the first option is “emoji”. In Windows you can also do this by pressing the “Windows” key ⊞ + . (point)

How to include emojis (icons) in mass notifications from the platform?

At the moment only a maximum of 3 mass notifications per week are allowed. This is to not be invasive with the clients that are inside the Piola app. In case you need to generate more weekly notifications, you can contact

How many bulk notifications can I send per week?

​Mass notifications are used to communicate messages that you consider important to all your customers at once. Here are some examples of what you can communicate:

  • New products available in the catalog

  • Products on offer or liquidation of stock

  • News

  • Notice of change of delivery days

  • Reminder to anticipate orders for holidays

  • Reminder of delivery days and times 

  • Institutional messages

  • Everything you want to communicate and is important.

Examples of mass notifications.

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