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All your suppliers in one place

In addition to asking suppliers to have their catalog digitized, within Piola you can streamline orders from all your suppliers

pide a todos tus proveedores del canal horeca
Pide a todos tus proveedores facil

one  —

all sorted

We upload your suppliers and the list of products you regularly order from them. Don't worry, you can do it too, although we know you don't have time to spare.

two  —

simple and fast

You can order simply and quickly. Add or remove suppliers whenever you want.

3 -

fewer errors

Your suppliers will receive a copy of the order by email and WhatsApp in an orderly and simple way.

You don't have much time right?

We help you save time and make ordering more  easy

Shall we help you with the first step?

Get in touch so we can help you with the loading of all your suppliers  and products. 

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