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This functionality serves to save time when replacing products with a supplier from whom we have made a fairly similar purchase on successive occasions. 

You can also modify the order that you are repeating in terms of quantities and products, removing and adding new ones. 

In this way, you save time when placing a new order with a supplier.

What is the use of repeating an order?

To edit an order that has already been placed by a Piola supplier, you must click on the order placed from the Home , "Orders in progress" and make the change in the order regarding quantities and products. Once the changes have been made, you must click on "Confirm changes to the order".

You can also edit an order you have made by going to "My suppliers" >  in Piola suppliers, selecting the supplier to which the order corresponds and clicking on " Orders" . Within that section you will find the "in progress" and "previous" orders that correspond to that supplier.


Please note that only orders that are in the "Received" status can be edited. If the order is in status  "In process" or "In delivery" , it cannot be edited and you will have to cancel or place a new order.

How to repeat an order?

You find it in "Menu" > "My suppliers" > click on the supplier you want to see the list of, > click on "Orders" and you will find the list of all orders made previously. From there you can also repeat an order.

Where can I find the list of orders from a supplier?

No, at the moment orders already received cannot be deleted. But don't worry, we are working so that you can soon delete and archive previous orders.

Can I repeat all orders?

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